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Baseboard & Triangular Baseboard Vents

Crafted from solid woods, our baseboard vents are made to stand up to generations of use.  Because of the way our vents are constructed, they are popular for restoration projects in historic, Victorian era and modern homes, where the detail and quality of every feature is extremely important. At the same time, our vents have a timeless quality that makes them ideal for new or modern homes as well.There are two types of baseboard vents: the ones which fit flat against the wall and the baseboard molding (sort of like the first picture to your right) and the Triangular Baseboard type (the 2nd picture down). We have made up to 22-foot-length vents.

In the Wall Baseboard vents, typically we will specify the louvered style in these as the louvers can be placed parallel with the floor and slanting downwards so that floor traffic does not see into the opening area.

You can place orders for Triangular Baseboards by using this page.

A louvered, self-rimming register sitting on top of a wooden floor.A triangular baseboard.

Before You Order…

Thanks for purchasing American Wood Vents! Triangular Baseboard vents are sized a bit differently, so please read this section carefully to ensure that you are ordering correctly.

On this item, when you select “Vent Size,” you will see two measurements – ID and OD. ID means “inside dimensions,” and refers to the part of the vent that will cover the actual duct opening.  OD means “overall dimension,” and refers to the full size of the vent. You’ll notice that there are three measurements in the overall dimension for this product. The first refers to the length (also called width) of the vent, the second refers to the height, and the third refers to the depth at the base.

Because wood is thicker the depth is typically a little deeper at the base than the metal ones & of course the width usually needs to be exact to fit into your base molding if this is a renovation. Typically the duct openings are in the floor, next to the wall, however sometimes we see them in the floor, or in the wall and in both the floor and wall.  This is not a problem, however let us know what you have if you are unsure of what to order.

Customize Your Triangular Baseboard Order…

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Need something else?

Not a problem. Please give us a call at any time at (800) 232-8353, and one of our woodworking professionals will consult with you about your individual situation. We’re open until 9 PM (CT) on weekdays, and until 4 PM (CT) on Saturdays. You can, however, reach us at any time by sending us an e-mail! We’re happy to help! To assist us in getting all of the information we need to quickly place your order and get it into production, please have ready the overall size that you’d like your vent to be, the air flow size that you’d like your vent to have, the design that you have chosen and the type of wood that you would like your vent made out of.