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Boat & RV Vents

Boat or RV Vents

Boat or RV Vents That Work For You

If you have or are building or renovating a Boat or RV we make wood vents or floor grates to fit into your situation. Find a great selection of Boat or RV Vents here. It can be for many different situations such as for a  shower Grate, a roof ventilation, sometimes called a Fantastic RV Vent cover to block the sun but allow the air flow, a cold air return, or supply diffusing air towards a particular area or to keep your compressor, refrigerator or generator equipment cool.

We just need the Size of the cut out in your cabinetry, door, or other area and sometimes we also need the overall size.  If it has to contour to the hull of the boat we can work that out.  We have made hatch covers, sail boat hatch covers (the ones that slide down into the grooves to lock it up, or grates for the shower floor.

Many times in these situations we use woods like Oak, Teak, Mahogany, however you can choose from many others.