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Standard-Sized Opposed-Blade Dampers

An open, black, opposed-blade damper's rear.

If you’re looking for a way to control the air flow behind your new wooden vent cover, you may need a damper! These are metal pieces that are attached to your vent cover to regulate air flow through the register.

Most architects, builders and HVAC (heating and air conditioning) companies do not want dampers on wood vents, so they are not automatically a part of your order. However, if you open and close your dampers frequently, or if these are going into a bathroom or bedroom, which you occasionally shut during the off season, then you may want to order dampers for your wood vent as well. For some vents, we may have to reduce air flow in order to accommodate the dampers.

Our dampers for floors are black powder-coated painted on all sides and are “Opposed Blade Dampers” and not plastic or metal sliders. Our dampers for walls are metal or aluminum colored and have a small 3/8″ access point to actuate the blades. Sometimes, we can position the actuator in the spacing or square in order that you do not have a hole or slot to open and close the damper.

At this time, we only allow the purchase of Standard-Sized Opposed-Blade Dampers; if you need a damper that does not fit these common sizes, you’ll need to contact us to place your order.  We  stock other sizes as well.

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