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Exterior Vents

Gable or sloped roofs can require a specific type of vent especially when replacing an old one.  Triangular gable vents are typically found at the upper part of all wall found between the sloping ends of a roof line. We have made these up to 28 feet long. An exterior vent such as a Gable or Soffit vent permit the proper air flow to cool, disperse moisture, release built up heat or just to add beauty to your home or commercial property.  We have made them to cover or create air flow for ambient or forced air such as in attic fans.

In odd shapes such as the triangular shape, you can give us the dimension of each side and sometimes the pitch. The upright and the base size are particularly the measurements we use.

At American Wood Vents, we specialize in creating beautiful and functional wood gables, soffit, hip, foundation, deck, or exterior fan ventilation.

Exterior Vents can be made in a myriad of shapes and sizes made for a specific type of roof angle or even a custom look such as a design, but the most important aspect is the proper venting, preventing weather or other intrusions. We have companies want Fan Shaped, Arched, or even Boat Life Preserver shaped exterior vents.  Some shapes include Triangular, Rectangular, Octangonal, round or oval shapes.  If you want your favorite College, Boat, Boat Anchor, Logo or even an alien space ship with back lit LED lights we can do it. Now that would look cool!

Here we want to use wood which resists weather and insects. Even if you paint untreated pine or oak wood, weather or insects will find a flaw in the paint and exploit it.  Typically we used treated Douglas Fir, Cedar, White Cedar (great for painting), Mahogany, Redwood, Teak and sometimes Hemlock to fit this purpose.

You can also specify the netting behind the vent and drip flashing on top. Typically we like a Nylon Netting in front of a 1/4? open galvanized screen to keep out both mosquito sized insects as well as strong enough to keep out bats, squirrels and other critters.  You can also specify guage, size of openings in the screen, as well as the metal such as Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze, Brass. We never use rustable fasteners in our exterior vents unless you specify.

Amazingly as it may seem, sometimes you need a vent on top or side of your exterior deck, the base of a deck, vents to create shade from the sun and many other uses.