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Floor Vents

A louvered, self-rimming register sitting on top of a wooden floor.American Wood Vents offers several different options for floors, and for other situations where vents may be withstanding floor traffic or weight. Our vents have been put to the test by our customers: whether you need something to withstand children playing, or special vents for 3,000 lb. trolleys rolling across them, our products are sure to be a permanent fixture in your home. You’re also covered by a Comprehensive Satisfaction GuaranteeIf we make a mistake and you have a problem with our products, we will correct the size or style for you at no extra product cost. Our responsibility is limited to actual product cost.

Louvered and Grate Style

You can get self-rimming or flush mount sizes in both the louvered style, as well as a grate style (sometimes known as eggcrate, lattice or boat decking) with the square design. Most metal vents are in the louvered style – they have small slats or louvers running from one side to the other, sometimes in opposite directions, that direct the air flow. The grate style, on the other hand, is made of small squares (sometimes of varying size) that allow great air flow. The Louvered Style Below is referred to as the Register Style when it diffuses air in 2 opposing directions. You can see examples of both of these styles in our Customer Gallery.

Self-Rimming, Flush Mount and Trimline Flush Mount

If you’re working with existing flooring, you may want to consider our self-rimming model. This model (sometimes called the drop-in style), like many existing metal vent covers, overlaps the floor by 7/8″ on each side, and can be installed in existing flooring simply by dropping it in. Not only is this a quick and easy, yet elegant, way to improve the aesthetics, fit or airflow of your home or office, but it also covers up any uneven cuts in the flooring. If you’re a contractor, or if you’re installing new flooring, your best bet would be the flush mount model. This model, as its name implies, fits flush with your flooring, and allows you to run your hand over the flooring with no raise, as is necessary in the self-rimming style. By their very nature, they require a little more work to install, but it makes this model add that “Wow!” to your project or home. Do you have a floor which is already installed and want flush mounted vents? It is very possible with today’s tools to retrofit your flooring for this smooth surface so the raised vents will not get in the way of floor traffic, furniture or children. We make flush mount and custom sizes for most any flooring thickness. Thicknesses such as 3/4″, 11/16″, 5/8″, 9/16″, 1/2″, 7/16″, 3/8″, 5/16″, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm or event thicker are all possible. The Trimline Flush Mount is a type of Flush Mount favored by architects, builders and other professionals as it keeps the overall size smaller so that the flooring remains the focal point and not the wood vent. The Trimline Flush Mount does not have a separate frame and rests directly upon the Sub Floor, so that everything is flush and safe. You can still remove the flush mount from the surrounding flooring. Trimline Flush Mounts are also liked as they are more forgiving in installation. For example, if you have an already installed floor and you want to install flush mounts, then you will need to cut the surrounding area. If you make a mistake and the surrounding cut, and need to enlarge the wood vent, not a problem we can make it a little larger in order to accommodate that larger area.  The flush mount with a separate frame takes up a larger imprint on the floor. If you want self-rimming vents, you may want a better fit if they cut your flooring out from the duct opening so we can do that also. Just contact us to go over your situation if the standard sizes may not work for you. We may also need the “overall size” if your self-rimming or flush mount is close to some obstruction such as molding, cabinetry, a wall or something else. This is the size that your overall size needs to fit into. Finally, for flush mount vents, we’ll need the thickness of your flooring. If you don’t know, and you have your floor manufacturer’s name, style name and plank size available, we can get that information for you.

Sizing Information

We want to make sure everything fits your situation, so we may need some very specific information about sizing, no matter which model or style you’re choosing. First, we need the “duct opening” size. This is the size of the actual cut-out on your sub floor. Don’t worry; the surrounding flooring is sometimes irregular in the cutout, if you want self-rimming style. Just give us the minimum length and width if it varies. The flush mounts will also go by duct opening size. For the Trimline Flush Mount style, we will go by duct opening size and overall size. If you need something else, just let us know. We are the manufacturer so we’re able to customize most aspects.

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Need something else?

Not a problem. Please give us a call at any time at (800) 232-8353, and one of our woodworking professionals will consult with you about your individual situation. We’re open until 9 PM (CT) on weekdays, and until 4 PM (CT) on Saturdays. You can, however, reach us at any time by sending us an e-mail! We’re happy to help! To assist us in getting all of the information we need to quickly place your order and get it into production, please have ready the overall size that you’d like your vent to be, the air flow size that you’d like your vent to have, the design that you have chosen and the type of wood that you would like your vent made out of.