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Radiant Floor & Wall Vents

Radiant vents can be in the floor or sometimes in the lower wall with the hot water fins and piping either coming out of the wall, then proceeding along the base of the wall and back out of the wall or floor.   The metals vents are commonly very Ugly and wood vents do a great job transferring that heat into the living space.

In Radiant Heat coming from the lower wall area, we can make them most any size, go around corners and accommodate most any situation.  Here we need the height from the floor for the hot water fins and any pipe or purge valve or shut off valve as well as the outer distance the fins come out from the wall and finally the overall length.  If it dead ends into a wall, we should know this, if it goes around an “inner” or “outer” corner.

These can be in Mahogany, Teak, Oak, Cherry, Hickory or most any wood which matches  your woodwork.

Radiant Vents for the Floor can be made Flush to or Surface mounted.  Typically for Surface Mount versions these only sit just over 1/4″ thickness so they fit easily as possible into the floor traffic pattern.  We can walk you through retro-fitting Flush into your flooring if this helpful.

We have shipped up to 111″ lengths by Fedex or UPS but to be safe try to keep the lengths under 96″. We have made these very long so that is not a problem if you need one continuous section. Typically we can make these to splice together nicely as well.

Both the Louvered or Grate Styles are used for this type Radiant Wall or Floor vent design.  Both are strong and can be made to do the job you need in your situation.