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Air Returns

Wall & Floor Air Returns:

These are for Air Returns and grilles can be for the side Wall, Ceiling, on or integrated into your cabinetry, Tongue & Groove (T&G) or other paneling & wainscoting  (see below). For doors (CLICK HERE) or at the lower Walls nestled between the baseboard molding (CLICK HERE) or for floors or load bearing situations (see below). For Toekick or Stair Riser Air Returns (CLICK HERE). We will specify Air Return as opposed to Supply Vents when you place your order.

Louvered or Grate Styles:  Floor or Walls, Ceilings or other areas

Louvered Styles are very handsome in that the louvers overlap so you can place the wood vent so that floor traffic does not view into the opening area. If you have a Filter behind the grille, the louvered style will hide the Filter from most angles.

Architects, Builders & Hvac companies like the Grate Style with different grid sizes. The Grate Style is also called eggcrate or boat decking with the square or rectangular design. We have standard grid sizes or we can make them most any way.  (Dodge, please insert picture of Grate Style Air Return found on Grate Style page called Wall Grate.jpg at the bottom of the page.) 

For paintable woods we provide White Pine, Poplar, Maple and Birch. White Birch is the best, as it is Strong, is resistant to humidity and temperature changes and has tight pores so it is among the easiest to paint.

We make them to fit most any size or shape and into your particular situation including Surface Mount, Surface/Flush Mount to fit between baseboard molding but on the walls surface or flush mount for different wood cabinetry, wainscoting or wood thicknesses.

Louvered Styles have as standard .375 (3/8?) spacing between louvers for plenty of air flow, or you can also specify .25? (1/4?) spacing or .5? (1/2?) or most any specification to get you the air flow you need with the look you want.  We just had a 4 ton Hvac (heating/air) system installed, where the customer only wanted 1 air return for the entire system and that was only a small 21 x 27? cabinet opening size available.  We needed to get 484 square inches of Free Air Area of air flow so we had to adequately space the  5/4 Maple to give us depth so that it looks good (without seeing into the opening) and provides adequate air flow.

You can choose either Self Rimming or Flush Mount versions.  Self Rimming is like 95% of the old metal vents we replace in that it has a thin lip or flange which extends beyond the duct opening to overlap or cover the surrounding area.  Flush Mount is when you want to integrate into or make flush to the surface of your cabinetry, Molding, Drywall, Tongue & Groove or Paneling or other wood work. We have even made wood vents flush to Plaster walls.  We can even make Filter Grilles Flush with your surrounding drywall so everything becomes part of the wall.  Yes, you can access your filter. Ask about our Frame work for Filter Grilles.

In other words, we can usually design your air return or supply vent to accommodate most air system requirements and aesthetics.  Please remember that wood needs to be thicker than metal in order to have similar characteristics, however we can design the louvered or grate styles to accommodate most situations. Please give us a call, email or fax to discuss what you need.

Measuring:  All vents go by at least duct opening, cutout or filter sizes. Many times we also need an Overall size so that it fits into it’s spot. Sometimes we need a rough drawing or the thickness so we can make the wood vent integrated into the wood, door panel, cabinet cutout, wainscoting or tongue and groove wood.

All orders and are considered wall or ceiling mount and include self rimming lips and countersink screw holes (to attach the wood vent to the vertical or ceiling surface) unless specified in your order. Ask about other ways to attach without seeing screw holes.  Louvered wall or ceiling are considered (unless you specify) with Louvers parallel with the longest sides. Industry standard is to describe the dimension with which the Louvers are parallel first.  So if you have a 12? wide x 6? high duct opening and you want the Louvers parallel with the long sides specify like 12 x 6?. If you want the Louvers parallel with the short side (you can specify slanted in 1 or 2 ways) specify as 6 x 12.  But either way, when you call, we will go over all the various aspects to making these perform or have the visual impact you want.

Louvered Wall or Ceiling Vents can be set for Self Rimming, Surface/Flush Mount to fit between baseboard molding or like a cabinet door or Flush Mount without a separate frame.

Give us a call if you need something Flush to your Drywall, woodwork, molding, or other situations or designs.

Filter Grilles:  If you have a Filter behind your grille, you will need Filter Brackets. You can specify the standard 1? filter thickness or 2? . Filter Brackets for up to 20 x 30? air return sizes are 12.95 each set.  If you have a Filter behind your grille and want to open the grille sort of like a cabinet door add a Frame, hinge and Clasp Assembly is 49.00 up to 600 square inches and 69.00 up to 1200 square inches. Phone or email us with your measurements for a quote.
($29.95 minimum)

Grate Style Air Returns for Walls, Ceiling & Cabinetry:

Grate style is also sometimes called eggcrate,  rickenbacher, boat decking with the square or  rectangular design.  We have several grid sizes we have entered into the computer or we can design them for your specifications.

With 1? open squares and your choice of 1/2? or 3/8? solid grid size this looks great on your wall or ceiling in larger sizes.  (See below for smaller grid sizes)

Smaller Grid Sizes for the Grate Style Vents:

Architects, Builders and Heating Companies like a smaller grid size for residential or smaller commercial systems as it looks better with many more and smaller little squares and also provides great air flow as well.  We have used this style for many a multi million dollar home.

With smaller 5/8? open squares surrounded by 1/4? solid wood grid size for a 4 x 12? size this gives you 4 squares by 13 squares and for a 20 x 30? air return this gives you 22 squares by 33 squares.

We also have a 1/2? open square surrounded by 1/2? solid wood grid. This is not designed for air flow but it is great for high heal shoes, ballet floors, or for a hide away place for a safe, plumbing access or whatever.

In a rectangular Grate Style we have a 3/4? x 1.25 open rectangle surrounded by 1/4? solid wood grid.  The long part of the rectangle is going parallel with the long sides, unless specified.

Filter Grilles: Add 12.95 for Filter Brackets. If you have a Filter and want to open sort of like a cabinet door we add a Frame, hinge and Clasp Assembly is 49.00. Phone or
Just email us with your measurements for a quote.  We also offer BLACK Filters most any size if you have the Grate style to better hide the filter.

Floor Air Returns:

We have made these very large and for load bearing capacities.  When going beyond a certain span we usually always specify the Grate Style as it is a good solid design for load bearing situations. Depending upon the size, wood or other considerations, floor air returns will be designed. When you call, we will ask you several questions in order to make sure that we design it to meet your situation.