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Shutters & Movable Louvers

Shutters or Louvers that move or shut

This concept is used not only in interior shutters on windows to open or close off the light or sunshine into the room, but can be used in commercial or residential places to change, adjust or ”throw”  the supply air into a particular place in the room.  Particularly good for High Velocity systems in Restaurants, Bars, Church Venting, or with anyone who want customers to feel the cool air in certain areas OR direct the air away from a particular group. When dealing with air returns to pull bad air directed from a particular area in the room.  These can be adjusted manually or mechanized by electric motor.

Just give us your opening size and either the layout for the room, height of the vent or your ideas of where what you want to see improved, and we will design the air flow and options to improve your system. These can be large or small.