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Wood Species

We’ve partnered with Wood-Database.com to provide you with an assortment of information about the different wood species that we keep in stock. Please keep in mind that wood grains can vary, and that most woods can be stained to match almost any situation. All of the below except half of the Heart Pine are unfinished woods.  If you don’t see what you need, feel free to give us a call anyway, and we might be able to special-order the lumber for your project!

Please keep in mind that the images below are not intended as actual representations of the wood you’ll be receiving; wood varies on each shipment, and stains can change its appearance. These pictures show “perfect”, unstained wood.

American Cherry Bamboo Birch Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba) Cedar
Cumaru Cypress Douglas Fir Heart Pine Ipe
Knotty Pine Mahogany Maple Red Oak Redwood
Teak Walnut White Ash White Oak Yellow Pine

Our 5/4″ Woods

In addition to the 4/4″ woods that we have above, we also carry some 5/4″ woods. This particular cut does not change how your vent looks above the flooring; it refers to the material that we receive from our supplier. 5/4″ woods are inherently stronger, and are highly
recommended for larger vents.

  • 5/4″ Ash
  • 5/4″ American Cherry
  • 5/4″ Hickory
  • 5/4″ Mahogany
  • 5/4″ Red Oak
  • 5/4″ White Oak

Other Considerations

In addition to your choice of wood species and wood thickness, it’s also important to discuss the grain of your wood. On some options, we’re able to offer a vertical grain pattern.

We also carry Quartersawn Red Oak and Quartersawn White Oak. However, we ask that all customers looking to purchase Quartersawn materials contact us first.

If your vent will be located outside, consider using Cedar, Cumaru, Cypress, Ipe, Mahogany,  Redwood, Teak, or White Cedar. Unless specified, all exterior vents come with a nylon mesh. For larger, gable styles, galvanized steel mesh to keep out critters. Additionally, you’ll choose stainless, bronze or cooper mesh.

Got Questions or Need a Quote?

Please give us a call at any time at (800) 232-8353, and one of our woodworking professionals will consult with you about your individual situation. We’re open until 9 PM (CT) on weekdays, and until 4 PM (CT) on Saturdays. You can, however, reach us at any time by sending us an e-mail! We’re happy to help! To assist us in getting all of the information we need to quickly place your order and get it into production, please have ready the overall size that you’d like your vent to be, the air flow size that you’d like your vent to have, the design that you have chosen and the type of wood that you would like your vent made out of.

“I just wanted to let you know that we received the vent covers and they look fantastic. I am impressed with every aspect of order processing with your company. It was an easy, pleasant experience and the product exceeded my expectations. I’m not accustomed to sending these types of e-mails. Unfortunately, more often then not, disappointed is experienced somewhere along the way when purchasing online. So, it is with great pleasure that I write this e-mail.”