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Select a Minwax® Oil-Based Stain or Paint

An open, black, opposed-blade damper's rear.

Staining and finishing includes 2 clear coats on the front side and 1 clear coat on the back side to seal and protect your wood vent later on down the road.

Staining will help to have your wood vent to best match your existing flooring or woodwork, and the clear finish tempers the stain and makes it easier to clean your wood vent.

Remember, stain on Oak and stain on Maple will both appear a little different, so feel free to drop by a display for Minwax® at your local hardware store to see their stains on woods other than Oak. Most hardware stores stock the Minwax® brand of stain so they will have actual stains on actual woods at the hardware store. If you want more clear finishes to better temper your wood or protect it, we will send you a copy of your order and you can make additions and changes there.

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