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Supply Vents for Walls & Ceilings

Supply Vents for Walls, Ceiling & Cabinetry, Louvered or Grate Styles

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Supply vents supply heated or cooled air into a room or space.  Therefore, the vents commonly need to efficiently diffuse air flow into this area so that it is comfortable or so it does the job, for instance if the vent is in the Ceiling sometimes you want it to slant away from the floor traffic so they do not view into duct opening from most angle.  However, if you live in the deep south, you may want to have the Louvers slant directly into the living space in order to push that cool air to you. We can change the orientation of the Louvers and the angle of deflection.

It is typical to have the Louvered style diffuse the air in 2 directions in many cases, or for larger sizes, you can have 3 way. In fact, you can choose the percentage of louvers which diffuse left, the percentage which diffuse right and the rest can shoot straight out. For Ceilings the 2 way is the most common, sometimes 3 way and  4 way vents styles are recommended.   Many Heating & Cooling, Builders and Architects specify their own design in order to have the look or to have the proper air flow into the room.

(Pictures of two 4 Way designs)

These can be for residential or commercial use. Since we make these in ANY Size and we also make these (in a little different manufacturing process) for more diverse places such as Jacuzzi, Saunas, Wine Rooms or Coolers, Boat Vents, toekicks (under the cabinets in the kick plate), for high end or commercial refrigerators (like Sub Zero, Jenn Air & others ) or refrigeration cooling systems venting, to fit between the crown or base molding, to fit around corners, in doors, pocket doors, cabinet doors, cabinet panels, gulf stream or cessna air plane (interiors), drop ceilings, ceiling 1, 2, 3 or 4 way vents.

Supply vents are typically in the Louvered Design, however we also make them in the Grate Style (see Grate style floors or Walls or at baseboard level) and where these are in the Walls or Ceilings we typically use a smaller square design as the squares are so small that you do not really look behind them and they give you great air flow as well.  You can also use the Laser Designs for most supply vents as well.

In the Louvered, Grate style, Stone Vents or Laser Designs, you can choose any size. We just made some 141? in length and I believe the longest we have made is 22 feet in length.  You can specify most all of the aspects or give us a call in order to design your vent in order to give you the proper air flow, to “throw” the air properly into the space,  to fit into your drywall, plaster, cabinetry, woodwork, or stone work properly.