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Toekick Vents

or vents at the base of Cabinetry or in a Stair Riser

Supply, Access to pipes, refrigeration or computer ventilation vnets or Air Returns, we can Design your vent for sufficient Air Flow Function, Appearance or Fit

Toekicks are found in the recess found at the bottom of your cabinet sometimes even under your dishwasher. They can be on the Kitchen Island, under the Fish Tanks, under a Book Case or in a Stair Riser or drop down for a Sunken Room area.  We have made them over 12 feet in length and can make them most any size or to fit in different ways into this under the cabinet area.  Sometimes the opening cutout size is all the way from the floor to the bottom of the cabinet, sometimes the cutout opening is right in the middle of the toe area, sometimes it is flush with the floor.  Sometimes, you want to just replace the entire toekick panel and put in venting which not only looks great but also functions as a supply vent with proper “throw” or an Air Return vents so you do not “choke” your air system.

Warm air in the winter sure feels good coming from your wood toekick vents in your kitchen or bath. We just need to know the opening size in the toekick area and the Overall height which you can accept so we can make sure we make it to fit. We can also replace the entire 3/4? toekick panel with a Louvered Panel of almost any custom size. I believe the longest Toekick vent we have made is 8 feet in length, so we can pretty much make any size.

At American Wood Vents and Design, we specialize in crafting all types of wood vents, registers, and grilles, from large floor vents to narrow toe kick or stair-riser vents. Meant to be installed in the space beneath a cabinet or vanity, our toe kick vents let you circulate air throughout your home without compromising the look of your kitchen, bathroom, or other area.

Some Architects, Builders and Heating Companies like a small Grate Style (some call this eggcrate or yacht decking with the square design) in the toekick areas. Just let us know what you like and we will go over it in detail.

We can accommodate most any situation you may have.  We typically need the opening cutout size, if it is closer to the floor or closer to the cabinet above and usually we need the overall height you can handle in the toekick area