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Wall, Ceiling & Cabinetry Vents

American Wood Vents offers several options for covering those ugly holes in that wall, ceiling or cabinetry.  We are able to be much more flexible with our options, including our new laser style, which you can learn more about here. As always, you are covered by our Comprehensive Satisfaction Guarantee: If we make a mistake and you have a problem with our products, we will replace the size or style for you at no extra product cost. Our responsibility is limited to product cost.We have a style specifically for wall, ceiling and cabinetry vents for several reasons: first of all, there are considerations that simply aren’t present on floor vents (such as baseboard molding, thick paneling, wainscoting, crown molding or other challenges). We’ve divided our solutions into three separate pages, which you can read more about below:

Air Returns Supply Vents for
Walls & Ceilings
Laser-Design Vents

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A white wall return.