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Wine Room & Radiator Vents & Covers

If you are supplying conditioned air into your Flower or Wine Room, there are a few things which you can consider when designing for this situation. Typically we like to have a circular air flow going through the wine or flower cooling area and not directly blowing upon the cork or the flower peddles.  This air is conditioned with the proper humidity and temperature so you do not want “dead” spots in the room. Dead Spots are caused when the air is leaving a corner or a area without the direct influence of the new conditioned air.  Here you want to create a circular air flow so that the corners and racks do not get such a direct blow but slow steady conditioned air passes around all the appropriate areas such as wine racks, or flower stands.

We can change the “throw” or the direction the air is flowing through the louvers of the wood or stone vent during the manufacturing process so that it creates the proper air flow into your space.

When you order, we need the duct opening (air flow) size, sometimes we also need the overall size especially when this is going between baseboard or crown molding, into panels of doors, or other areas in which you have a fixed Overall size.

We have made vents for George Washington’s Home, the Alamo, All sorts of Stars and sports figures, beautiful homes, restaurants and hotels all over the US and Canada. Even a few in Great Britan, New Zealand, Australia, Europe and South America.