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American Wood Vents Tax-Exemption Program

Since we are based in North Carolina, we are not required to charge sales tax in any other state. We do, however, offer a tax-exemption program for individuals and organizations that qualify. To qualify, you must be (a) purchasing for a department of the federal government, (b) purchasing for a department of the North Carolina government, (c) purchasing for a tribal government, (d) a foreign diplomat, (e) a reseller, (h) an agricultural production company, (i) an industrial production company, (j) have a direct pay permit, or (k) have a direct mail number. You are responsible for ensuring that your purchase is exemptable. Any exceptions claimed that are not legal or correct may hold you liable for tax, interest and possibly penalties.

Name of Purchaser
Business Address City State ZIP Code
Purchaser's Tax ID # State of Issue Country of Issue
Driver's License #
Foreign Diplomat #
Type of Business Exemption Claimed Permit # / Department Name
I hereby declare that the information on this certificate is correct and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I also certify that, by typing my name below, I am digitally signing this document and such signature shall have legal force the same as having physically signed the agreement.
Title E-Mail Address

Alternatively, you may choose to upload a Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement Certificate of Exemption by using the form below. Please keep in mind that it must be completed legibly, in PDF format, and signed or we will be unable to accept it.

Your Name / Your Company's Name